Our Commitment to Our Communities

There is something significantly unique to black, brown and poor communities that many ignore and dismiss. That 'something'  is local Politics and its directly linked to race, gender and class intersectionality.  

Politics for our communities are tied to varying levels of successes and more times than not devastating systemic failures and consequences.

Politics engulfs everything that affects every aspect of how we live, work and play. Which means our need for advocates, advocacy and activist are in greater demand than in other communities and MUST be tied to reimagining what local politics and the ideals of what activism, advocacy , service and solutions should look, function and deliver for women of color from their perspectives.


WE (the women of color) are our best advocates for our communities and our voices must be heard at every level of government.

Muskegon Democratic Women IN Formation is committed to giving a political voice to the voiceless by assisting in the creation of a more equitable and just Muskegon County.  We strive to be the 'hub' for networking, organizing and supporting change through the lens of politics by building political power and pushing for policies that help strengthen our neighborhoods and coalitions.